Welcome Speech In English: Guest Introduction, How to Welcome Chief Guest – 2021

A welcome speech is a speech given by the host at the start of a ceremony or to express warmth and gratitude to those who have made the effort to attend. It’s a phrase that announces the start of any event, meeting, get-together, or celebration.

Begin by greeting the audience, then provide an overview of the event, and conclude by presenting the next speaker and thanking the audience once more for attending the programme.

Why is a Welcome Speech Necessary

  • From start to finish, most events and ceremonies should be filled with joy and passion.
  • It is the responsibility of each host or organiser to ensure that all attendees are satisfied and entertained.

You don’t suppose you were late or missed the first portion, do you? The importance of giving a welcome speech, or introduction, to any gathering.

Welcome Speech for the Chief Guest

Good morning, everyone.

Today, on behalf of the Academy, I extend a warm welcome to all of you to this year’s annual sports day. Sports are an important aspect of our lives since they provide us with health and vitality.

It is critical to have sports in addition to learning in schools; consequently, pupils at our school are provided with both educational and sporting opportunities.

Physical education gives students confidence and inspiration, which is why we host an annual sports day at our school every year so that they can further develop their sportsmanship.

Another great joy is that our school was named the greatest institution this year, and we will continue to make every effort to ensure that our institute receives this honor every year.

I’d like to express my gratitude to my professors as well as the parents who encouraged their children to excel in both academics and athletics.

So, with respect, welcome our primary guest, Mr. __, our state’s sports minister, who won three gold medals and two bronze medals for our country in the first Olympics.


Welcome Speech for Teachers Day

Good morning to my esteemed colleagues and respected teachers. As we all know, there is a reason for such a large throng here. Today is Teacher’s Day, and we’re here to thank them for their tireless work in shaping our and our country’s future.

Today is September 5th, and every year on this day, we commemorate Teachers Day with love, happiness, and enthusiasm. First and foremost, I’d like to express my gratitude to my class instructor for providing me with such a significant opportunity to speak at this important event. My dear friends, on the occasion of Teachers Day, I would like to give a lecture in English about the value of teachers in our lives.

Every year on the 5th of September, India commemorates Teachers’ Day. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a brilliant scholar and teacher, was born on September 5th, and his birthday is September 5th. Later in life, he was elected Vice President of the Indian Republic and subsequently President of the Indian Republic.

This day is observed by students across the country to honour their teachers. Teachers are sometimes said to as the “backbone” of our civilization. They play an important role in developing students’ personalities and shaping them into ideal citizens of India.

Teachers treat students as if they were their own children, attentively and truly instructing them. It is commonly stated that instructors are superior to parents. Teachers mould a child’s character and make his or her future bright, whereas parents give birth to a child. As a result, we never forget or disregard them; instead, we constantly appreciate and adore them. Our parents are responsible for providing us with love and quality care, but it is up to our instructors to ensure that our future is bright and prosperous. Through their constant efforts, they demonstrate the importance of education in our lives. They are a source of inspiration for us, enabling us to move forward and achieve success.

Thank You

Welcome Speech for Children’s day

Hello, everyone, and happy Children’s Day. First, let me explain you about Children’s Day and how important it is.

In India, the fourteenth of November is celebrated with tremendous enthusiasm as Children’s Day. Teachers and students at schools and universities admire this with incredible zeal and excitement. It is valued for the variety of opportunities and activities that the children participate in.

Multicolor paints, attractive inflatables, and other decorative materials are used to decorate the school buildings. On the child’s birth anniversary, November 14 is celebrated as Children’s Day. As a result of Nehru’s efforts, the youngsters have come a long way. The youngsters enjoy singing songs, singing, speaking, and dancing in Hindi and English, and they recall Uncle Nehru’s incredible contributions to the nation.

All of us have assembled here today to entertain you by showcasing all of these activities.

This brings my discourse to a close. And I’d want to wish you a very happy Children’s Day.

Welcoming Speech for the Annual Day

Greetings in the morning and evening.

On this 50th annual day, all of you here are cordially greeted by Public School, Mumbai. With great joy, we are commemorating our school’s Golden Jubilee today.

Completing 50 years is a huge accomplishment for any educational institution, and it seems like a dream come true.

We recall the day when our school’s walls were being erected and magnificent tiny trees were placed in its courtyard, which has grown to be extremely tall and beautiful now.

I am honoured to have been assigned a role in which I will have the opportunity to teach our responsible residents here.

Today, I’d want to congratulate and thank all of the parents and school members who have supported their children.

Mr. _, on behalf of everyone here, I extend a warm greeting to the conference’s inaugural speaker and guest.

It is a privilege for us and our school that he has taken the time to join our Golden Jubilee celebration today.

She has made numerous priceless contributions to the fight against illiteracy, as well as her fundamental commitment to women’s emancipation.

He has also established a number of ceremonies and orphanages for females’ education, where girls are offered free education.