Treatment of period of absence from the place of duty during the period of lockdown due to COVID-19.


Headquarters Office, Rail Soudha
Personnel Department
Gadag Road
Hubballi – 580020


No.SWR/(P) 72/COVID-19


Sub: Treatment of period of absence from the place of duty during the period of lockdown due to COVID-19.

Ref: 1. GS/SWRMU letter No.SWRMU/CO-dated 28.5.2020
2. This office letter of even number dated 28.04.2020
3. This office letter No.SWRMU/P.694/SWRMU/Corres/2020 dated 19.03.2020

Clarifications have been sought by Divisions/Units in SWR from this Office regarding how the period of absence of staffs/officers from work place/HQ be treated in the context of nationwide lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic. Keeping in view extant instructions contained in Master Circular-10 and those issued by concerned Ministries/Department in Government of India, implementation of provisions of Disaster Management Act,2005 by state & Central Governments, it has been decided to treat the different categories of absence from duty as follows:

Sl.NoTypeThe period of absence to be
treated as
1An employee remained in HQ but could not
attend office due to lockdown, disruption of
public transport or being in containment zone.
Duty work from home
2An employee went on tour before
lockdown and could not return back
Special Casual Leave (SCL)
3An employee went outstation before lockdown
with/without HQ leave permission, but could
not return back due to Lockdown
Special Casual Leave (SCL)
4An employee went on leave with/without HQ
leave permission during lockdown, but could
not return back due to extended lockdown
Leave as per sanctioned & SCL thereafter
5An employee was asked to remain in
quarantine on return from outstation duty
Special Casual Leave (SCL)
6An employee remained in quarantine due
to Central/State Govt. Instructions
Special Casual   Leave (SCL)
7An employee was advised by Railway Medical
Authority to remain in quarantine
Special Casual Leave (SCL)
8An employee who chose to remain in
quarantine as a precaution
Special Casual Leave (SCL)
9An employee who worked from home due to
co-morbidity or underlying medical conditions
as per central/state Govt instructions
Duty only after permission of
cadre controlling authonty otherwise
10An employee who was in HQ but did not
turn up for duty on being called
Absent the period & pay may be
decided as per normal rules

Note: The above guidelines are affected from 20.03.2020

This issues with the approval of Principal Chief Personal Officer.

(Timothy T.Gonmei)

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