Regularisation of Absence period with Special CL in respect of Army/Navy/Air Force Personnel

Regularisation of absence period with Special Casual Leave in respect of Army/Navy/Air Force Personnel

Government Of India
Ministry Of Defence
Department of Military Affairs

New Delhi, 1st Jun,2020


1. The Chief of the Army Staff
Army HQrs
New Delhi

2. The Chief of the Naval Staff
Naval HQrs
New Delhi

3. The Chief of the Air Staff
Air HQrs
New Delhi


I am directed to convey the sanction of the President to regularise the absence period on account of ‘Lockdown‘ due to orders of GOI/State Govt./Local authorities/service Hqrs. on account of anti-COVID-19 measures as Special Casual Leave in r/o Army/Navy/Air Force personnel.

2. Personnel are permitted to utilise fastest available means of travel (as per their entitled class/mode so as to return to their units at the earliest, post-lifting of lockdown.

3. The grant of Special Casual Leave period shall not have any impact on current leave entitlement and permissible service of the personnel.

(Ajay Kumar V R)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tele: 2301 1146

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