Reckoning of Charge Allowance for pre-post-2016 cases

File No.2018/ACII/21/2/ARPAN

Government of India
Ministry of Railways
Railway Board

RBA No. 93/2020

No. 2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN

New Delhi, dated 11.12.2020

Pr. Financial Advisor,
North Eastern Railway,

Sub:- Reckoning of Charge Allowance for pre-post-2016 cases-Customisation of ARPAN.

Ref:- 1. Board’s letter no. D-43/15/2019-F(E)III dated 30.01.2020(RBE No. 14/2020)

2. WR’s letter no. PEN/05372/E789/ARPAN/Charge Allowance dated 16.3.2020.


Please connect NER Letter No. Admin/79/180/23/Pt.IV dated 11.12.2020 on the above subject. Suitable clarification has already been issued by Board in this regard vide letter cited under reference (1) above. ARPAN Team/WR has also confirmed that the relevant module in ARPAN Portal has suitably been customized to facilitate pension revision on this account. The procedure for the same has also been notified to all concerned vide WR’s letter cited under reference ( 2 ) above (copy enclosed).

Suitable instructions may kindly be issued to the concerned.

DA:As above

(V. Prakash)
Joint Director Accounts
Railway Board

Source: Railway Board

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