Rates for treatment at private health care organizations to ECHS-In view of the Covid-19 pandemic

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11 Nov 2020

IHQ of MoD (Navy)/Dir ECHS (N)
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1. Refer to this HO letter No B/49773/AG/ECHS/Rates/Policy dated 29 Jul 2020.

2. It was promulgated vide above letter that rates for treatment for Coved-19 in private empanelled hospital in respect of ECHS beneficiaries in a city shall be as per the package rates prescribed by the concerned state government. In case no such rates have been prescribed by the state government in any ECHS city, the rates prescribed by government of NCT Delhi shall be applicable till rates are notified by the concerned state government.

3.The rates for NCT Delhi have been promulgated vide Govt of NCT Delhi order No 52/DGHS/PH-IV/COVID-19/2020/prsecyhfw/14450-14649 dt 20 Jun 2020. The prescribed maximum per day package rates for covid related treatment in private hospitals in NCT of Delhi are as below –

Hospital rates for per day of admission (in RS.)
Category of HospitalsModerate SicknessSever SicknessVery Severe Sickness
 ISOLATION BEDS Including supportive care and oxygenICU without need for ventilator careICU with ventilator care (invasive/non invasive
NABH accredited Hospitals (including entry level)10,000/- (including cost of PPE Rs.1200/-)15,000/- (including cost of PPE Rs.2000/-)18,000/- (including cost of PPE Rs.2000/-)
Non-NABH accredited Hospitals8,000/- (including cost of PPE Rs.1200/-)13,000/- (including cost of PPE Rs.2000/-15,000/- (including cost of PPE Rs.2000/-)
Covid-19 Testing(State Rate or ICMR Rates)

4 .As laid down the above rates are inclusive of PPE rates indicated. The rates of PPE will be applicable in all caws/ states where PPE cost are not specified by respective State Govts.

5.ECHS empanelled Health Care Organizations (HCOs) shall perform the treatment/ test on cashless basis in respect of ECHS beneficiaries and submit the bills to ECHS through UTIITLS. The reimbursement for the cost of expenditure on the test at approved rates shall be reimbursed.

6.These order comes into effect from 29 Jul 2020. the date of issue of this letter at para No 1 above

(Panchal Kalpeshkumar S)
Lt Col
Jt Dir (Med)
for Dir (Med)

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