Precautions to be taken in light of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – MoHFW Order

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Government of India
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Departments of Higher Education / School Education & Literacy
127 “C Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110 001

No. Secy(HE)/MHRD/2020
18th March, 2020

Chairman UGC,
Chairman AICTE,
Chairman NCTE,
Chairperson CBSE,
Chairman NIOS,
All autonomous organizations under MHRD

Sub: Precautions to be taken in light of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).
Ref: MHFW DO No.Z-21020/14/2020-PH dt. 17.03.2020
Dear Sir/Madam,

With reference to the above, it is necessary that adequate precautionary measures are taken by various organizations to face the situation arising out of COVID-19.

2. While maintenance of academic calendars and exam schedule is important, equally important is the safety and security of the students who are appearing in various examinations, as also that of their teachers and parents.

3. CBSE has already issued detailed instructions for the precautionary measures to be taken at various examination and evaluation centers. However, it is noted that during examinations, large number of parents/guardians accompany their wards. Further, certain competitive examinations like JEE Mains require examinees to travel to other centers and in some cases even to other cities, to appear in the said examination.

4. There is also anxiety amongst many examinees, parents and teachers as reflected in their e-mails to CBSE and on various social media platforms.

5. Therefore, following further precautionary measures are required to be taken by all educational institutions and examination boards under the Ministry of HRD:

(I) All ongoing examinations may be rescheduled after 31.03.2020. This would include CBSE, NIOS as also University Exams.

(II) All evaluation work may be rescheduled after 31.03.2020. This would include evaluation work of CBSE, NIOS as also University Exams.

(III) Since JEE Mains may require travel by examinees to different towns and the dates may clash with rescheduled CBSE and other Board exams therefore, JEE Mains should be rescheduled and new date of JEE Mains will be announced on 31.03.2020 after re-assessment of situation.

6. All Educational Institutions and Examination Boards are requested to maintain regular communication with the students and teachers through electronic means and keep them fully informed so that there is no anxiety amongst the students, teachers and parents.

7. All institutions are also requested to notify help-line numbers/e-mails which students can access for their queries.

8. All students, teachers and parents may be requested not to panic as MHRD is committed to ensure safety and security of students as also the maintenance of academic calendar and all possible steps will be taken in this regard.

Yours sincerely,
(Amit Khare)

Copy to: Chief Secretaries of all States/UTs for information and necessary action.

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