Opening of Offices w.e.f. 20th April 2020 – Principal Controller of Accounts

Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID 19 – Principal Controller of Accounts (Ordnance Factories) Kolkata

Office of Principal Controller of Accounts (Fys)
10-A, S.K.Bose Road, Kolkata – 700 001

No. 2337AM-I/Vol-IX

Date: 17.04.2020

1. All Controllers of Finance & Accounts (Fys)
2. All Br. Accounts Offices
3. The Officers in Charge
(All Sections in Main Office including Railway Section)
4. RTC (ER) Kolkata.

Subj«t: Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID 19.
Reference: HQrs Office Circular bearing No. AN/III/3012/Circular/Vol.VIII dated 16.04.2020.

Please refer to HQrs Office Circular cited above available on CGDA website, enclosing the Ministry or Defence office Order No. A-50024/01/2020-D(Estt.I/Gp.I] dated 15.04.2020, issued on the subject. The instructions contained therein regarding Opening of offices under Department of Defence (including Derence Finance) without any restriction during the lockdown w.e.f. 20th April, 2020, may be complied with strictly by all concerned.

This issues with the approval Of PC Of A (FYS),


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