Kendriya Vidyalaya Transfer Guidelines 2021

Kendriya Vidyalaya Transfer Guidelines 2021

Kvs Transfer Guidelines: Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan shall strive to maintain equitable distribution of its employees across all locations to ensure efficient functioning of the organization and optimize job satisfaction amongst employees. All employees are liable to be transferred anywhere in India at any point of time and transfer to a desired location can’t be claimed as a matter of right. While effecting transfers the organizational interest shall be given uppermost consideration and .that the problems and constraints of employee shall remain subservient.

01TenureThe term shall be applicable for Hard Station/ NER Stations: 03-year tenure shall be applicable for Hard stations. Clarification: – (1) Tenure of 03 years in the case of Hard and NER Stations shall not be applicable to those employees who have been posted earlier with 02 years tenure. The new tenure of 03 years shall be made operative for employees transferred/ posted w.e.f. 2016-17. Entire NER shall not be considered Hard station for those employees who are posted in NER on the basis of choice of Zones on Direct Recruitment. List of Hard stations in NER for this purpose shall be issued by the KVS separately.
02Hard StationAs notified by the KVS from time to time. The existing list of places would continue to operate when these guidelines come into operation.
03Physically challenged EmployeeThose who are in receipt of Conveyance Allowance at double the rate prescribed for other employees or any employee with more than 40% disability on production of Medical Certificate from Govt. Hospital issued by competent Medical Authority/ Board.
04APARAnnual Performance Appraisal Report.
05OrganizationKendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan or any office or school under its administrative control.
06LocationA Kendriya Vidyalaya or any other office of KVS located in a place.
07StationA city/ town/ metropolis as notified by the KVS with a unique three digit code. More than one Kendriya Vidyalaya/ Office can be located at a station.
08MDGSeparately defined in Annexure- I.
09DFPIncidence of Death of Spouse/own Son/ own Daughter, if occurred in the last two years. Year to be calculated with reference to 30th June of the year.
10LTRRetirement due within next three_years as on 30th June.
11Transfer CountTotal score of points allotted to different factors relevant for a request transfer as per clause 10.
12Displacement CountTotal score of points allotted to different factors that determine the displacement of an employee from a station as per clause 6.
13ZoneA Zone is an entity created for the purpose of recruitment, posting and transfer of the employees appointed on Direct Recruitment on the basis of selection panel prepared after 31.03.2017 covered under these transfer guidelines. A zone comprises of states/UTs. There are six (06) zones all over the country.
14EmployeeTerm shall be applicable to all teaching and non-teaching employees covered under these guidelines,
15Single ParentA KVS employee who has lost spouse or separated by a Court of Law or attained parenthood through the surrogacy route/legal adoption


The guidelines shall be applicable to all categories of Teachers up to PGTs, Librarian, Head Master, and all non-teaching employees up to Assistant Section Officer. Transfer shall be effected in the light of provisions contained in clauses 5,6,.7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the guidelines, wherein criteria, on the basis of assigning · appropriate points to relevant factors of transfer and using the cumulative score as the basis of transfer has been prescribed.

(a) As far as possible KVS will invite Annual Transfer Applications through an ONLINE process. Annual Transfers will also be operated on the basis of computerized database.

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