How to Write Maternity Leave Application || Maternity Leave Application Format

Every professional woman must request maternity leave at some point. Maternity leave is a period of time during which a woman takes time off from work because she is expecting or has recently given birth to a child. A maternity leave application letter is a formal letter written by a female employee requesting maternity leave. In India, maternity leave is granted for a period of time that might range from 12 to 26 weeks. So, in order to help you understand how to address your maternity leave application, we’ve included some tips for drafting a maternity leave application letter for the office below.

Writing a maternity leave application: step-by-step instructions

  • Use formal and professional language
  • Go through the maternity leave guidelines
  • Explain the leave days you are entitled to
  • The cause for the leave should be accurate
  • State the day of leaving and resuming work
  • Apply in good time to reduce the inconvenience
  • Include a signature at the end
  • Reveal a person to back you up while you are not present.

Maternity leave application: Sample Format 1


Subject: Maternity Leave Application


I’m writing to let you know that I’m planning to take the number of weeks of maternity leave you’ve set up for me. I want to begin my maternity leave on the Starting date and return to work by the Tentative joining date, barring any unforeseen complications with my pregnancy or birth.

I will notify you as quickly as possible if my intentions change for whatever reason. Attached is a note from my doctor confirming the pertinent information.

If you require any extra information, please let me know.