Ex gratia Death Relief Fund of Rs. 10 Lakh in the event of the death of an employee of the Central Board

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation
Ministry of Labour & Employment
Government of India
Head Office

No. Welfare /3(136)2019/Policy Matter/08

Dated: 28/04/2020

The Presidents, Regional Staff Welfare Committees
ACC (HQ)/ACC of All Zones/Director (PDNASS)/ACC (ASD)

Subject : Ex gratia Death Relief Fund of Rs. Ten Lakh in the event of death of an employee of the Central Board due to COVID-19-Regarding.

Sir / Madam,

The Government of India has declared COVID-19 pandemic as a National Disaster under the Disasters Management Act, 2005. A nationwide lockdown has been enforced by the Government of India in order to contain the spread of the pandemic w.e.f. 25.03.2020.

2. The Govt. of India has clarified that Provident Fund and Pension Services rendered by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation being essential services would continue to remain operational during the national lockdown. Employees of the Organisation are working with devotion to serve the esteemed subscribers of the Organisation.

3. EPFO has always been sensitive towards the welfare of its employees. There are various schemes in place for the welfare of its employees. At present uniform Death Relief Fund of Rs.3.90 Lakh is paid in accordance with circular no. Welfare/Misc./2017/2220 dated 15.05.2019 which has been increased by the Central Staff Welfare Committee in cases of death due to COVID 19. It has been decided that ex gratia Death Relief Fund of Rs. 10.00 lakh (Rs ten lakh only) shall be paid to the family members (nominee or legal heirs) of the deceased employee from Welfare Fund in the event of death of an employee of the Central Board due to COVID-19.

4. Following procedure may be adopted while granting the ex gratia amount to the family members (nominee or Legal Heirs) in such cases:-

(i) On death of an employee due to COVID-19, Welfare Officer or any other officer designated by the concerned officer-in-charge will submit a report to him.
(ii) Screening Committee of the concerned office will examine the report of the Welfare officer and will submit its recommendation.
(iii) The officer-in-charge will forward the report of the Screening Committee along with his recommendation to the President, Regional Staff Welfare Committee (RSWC) concerned.
(iv) The RSWC shall examine the report of Screening Committee and the recommendation of the officer-in-charge and submit its report to the President, RSWC.
(v) After due consideration of the recommendations of the RSWC, the President of RSWC i.e., the ACC (HQ)/ACC of a Zone or the Director (PDNASS) or the ACC (ASD), as the case may be, shall sanction the enhanced DRF, i.e., Rs 10.00 lakhs for each case to the office concerned, which shall draw and disburse the same from EPF Account No. 02 as per extant rules.
(vi) Every effort must be made to ensure the payment of the ex gratia within 15 days of the cognizance of death of an employee due to COVID-19.
(vii) After releasing the enhanced ex gratia of Rs. 10.00 Lakh (ten lakh rupees only), the officer-in-charge shall intimate ACC-HQ (HRM), Head Office through the Zonal Office/PDNASS concerned in each case duly informing the date of death and date of release of the DRF in all cases of death due to COVID-19 for obtaining a consolidated approval of the President, CSWC.
(viii) No separate budget shall be allotted for the purpose and, hence, the amount of enhanced DRF must be released within the time limit prescribed above without waiting for the Budget from the Head Office.

(This is issued with the approval of the CPFC & the President, CSWC, EPF)

Yours faithfully,

(Uma Mandal)
ACC (HRM) / Secretary, EPF, CSWC

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