DOPT Order : ONLINE Level ‘IV Training programme at ISTM for Assistant Section Officers

ONLINE Level ‘IV Training programme at ISTM for Assistant Section Officers (ASOs) of the CSS for promotion to Section Officer Grade from 26/07/2021 to 27/08/2021 (109th Batch)


No. 8/2/2021-CS-I (T)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
(CS-I Division)

Lok Nayak Bhavan, New Delhi Dated the 8 July, 2021


Subject: ONLINE Level ‘IV Training programme at ISTM for Assistant Section Officers (ASOs) of the CSS for promotion to Section Officer Grade from 26/07/2021 to 27/08/2021 (109th Batch).

The undersigned is directed to inform that Officers whose names are given in Annexure I have been nominated to participate in the mandatory Level `B’ Training Programme being conducted by ISTM w.e.f. 26/07/2021 to 27/08/2021. The training will be conducted online by ISTM and the participants are not required to visit ISTM in person for the same. The online training will be accessible through mobile or laptop/desktop as per the convenience of the participant.

2. The training of the officers and its successful completion is mandatory as per DOP&T Notification G.S.R.483(E) dated 12th July 2013. The performance of the officers in the training will be evaluated and the reports added in their APARs while considering their promotion. No request for withdrawal/exemption either from the Ministry/Department or the officer concerned shall be entertained except on the grounds indicated in DOP&T OM No.T-25017/1/2015-Trg (ISTM Section) dated 4th July, 2016. The officials who do not attend or successfully complete the Level `13′ training programme, will be liable to debarment and denial of promotion as envisaged in the above O.M. The provisions of exemption from the training mentioned in the above are reproduced below:

(i) All phases of the Mandatory Cadre Training / In-Service Training Programme shall be attended by all officers in the first chance when it falls due. CSS officer/official will be given a maximum of two chances to complete each level of the mandatory Cadre Training Programme available to them.

(ii) Postponement of participation from the first chance to second chance would be allowed only with the prior approval of DoPT. However, such approval for postponement of participation does not entitle the officer to obtain the respective promotion/grade/increment in relaxation of the Rules. It is reiterated that the officer will be entitled for the respective promotion/grade/increment only after he/she successfully completes the respective cadre training programme for CSS.

(iii) Postponement of participation from the First chance to Second chance would be allowed by DoPT only in the case of rare and extraordinary circumstances, which are defined as under:

(a) Officers undergoing study programme (domestic/foreign) by availing ‘Study Leave’ or ‘partial funding’ or nominated by DoP&T.

(b) Medical reasons of self or immediate family members, i.e., the officer himself/herself, his/her parents, spouse, children of the officer and parents-in-law of the Officer.

(c) Maternity/paternity leave on the basis of medical certificate issued by AMA approved by Competent Authority.

(d) Child care leave approved by competent authority.

(e) Marriage of self/the children.

(f) Officers on Election duty.

(iv) CSS Officer deputed by Government of India to a foreign assignment may be permitted to attend the mandatory training on return from such assignment for promotion to next grade.

(v) Officers of CSS cadre who have less than two years of service left for superannuation as on 1st July of the financial year in which the training is actually conducted, would be exempted from mandatory training.

(vi) The officers who do not attend the mandatory training programmes even after two nominations of CS Division, shall be debarred for future training programmes under the Cadre Training Plan.

(vii) Failure to attend any level of the mandatory training Programme in the ‘two-chance window’ provided would mandatorily attract the consequences laid down in the rules and guidelines relating to CSS services, with no exception.

(viii) In addition, administrative action may be taken to deny grant of promotion to such debarred officers.

(ix) In the case of officers leaving the training, in between the programme, other than on medical grounds, the entire cost of training shall be recovered from such officer for non-completion of training.

(x) Authority empowered to permit postponement: The cases relating to postponement will be handled by CS Division of DOPT. The postponement from participation in the first chance may be permitted with the approval of Joint Secretary (CS Division). No postponement may be permissible beyond 2nd chance. In exceptional cases, Secretary (P) can give permission beyond 2nd chance if the officer is not able to attend the training on a case to case basis.

(xi) The officer nominated for training shall be relieved for training by the respective Ministries/Departments/Organisations as it is mandatory, unless exemption is granted as applicable under rules by DOPT.

(xii) The officers who have been nominated by CS Division of DOPT under 2″ chance shall attend the training compulsorily and would be deemed to have been relieved for the purpose by the respective Ministries/Department.

3. Henceforth, all CSS officers, will get a maximum of two nomination chances to complete the mandatory trainings at various levels. The second nomination will be considered only under the circumstances mentioned in para 2 (iii) above.

4. The online Level B training does not involve any study tour. Hence, no TA/DA shall be admissible to any participant.

5. All the nominated officers are directed to visit the ISTM website and fill the online form and submit the same online immediately. The link is http:/ lms/registration. Confirmation with regard to the participation of the officers (after updating officers’ particulars online on CMS) may please be sent to Course Director of ISTM. . Sh. Rajesh Singh, Deputy Director (Course Director), Phone No. 26737516, M. No. 9643580896.

6. The nominated officers may please be relieved of their duties and advised to contact the above Course Directors of ISTM for further details regarding online link etc. It is clarified that vigilance clearance is not required for relieving the officers to attend the mandatory training programme.

(Zac ariah Thomas)
Under Secretary to Government of India
Telephone. : 24624046
Email: [email protected]

Joint Secretary(Admn.) of
the concerned Ministries/Departments New Delhi.

Copy forwarded for information and necessary action to : –

1. Director, ISTM, Admn. Block, Old JNU Campus, New Delhi
2. Sh. Rajesh Singh, Deputy Director (Course Director), ISTM, Admn. Block, Old JNU Campus, New Delhi. The list of officers, who report for training on 26th July, 2021 may please be furnished to this Department next day positively. Further, it is requested to kindly indicate DoB/ Rank in the participation list and results list to facilitate to easy identification of the candidates.
3. Training Division, Deptt. of Personnel & Training, Old JNU Campus, New Delhi, (Shri Syed Imran Ahmed, DS).
4. Officer concerned.
5. US, CS-I (A), DOP&T (for information).
6. Hindi Section, DOP&T, North Block, New Delhi — For Hindi version.
7. Website of this Department (<DOPT<Central Secretariat< CSS< Training Nomination Circulars<Assistants)



S.No.YearNameDate of BirthRankMinistry
 12013Neha Gupta05-11-1987949Development of NE Region
 22013Mohit Sharma09-05-1987955Skill Development
2013Anurag Bansal24-07-1992957Home Affairs
2013Deepak Kumar – V15-04-1989960Food & Public Distribution
 52013Akhlesh Mann26-09-1988968Personnel & Training
2013Sandeep Kumar – III02-08-1988978UPSC
 72013Mehar Singh26-03-1986996Youth Affairs & Sports
 82013Atin Srivastava28-12-19891021Information & Broadcasting
 92013Pinki16-10-19881028Petroleum & Natural Gas
 102013Varun Gupta20-03-19901041Petroleum & Natural Gas
 112013Abhishek Agarwal06-12-19861055Expenditure
 122013Nimit Gandhi04-10-19891058Expenditure
 132013Amit Rana04-09-19881060Civil Aviation
 142013Vinay Raheja25-08-19891061Culture
 152013Atul Kumar26-10-19891074Environment & Forests
 162013Nidhi Srivastava19-10-19881092Petroleum & Natural Gas
 172013Vipul Arora27-01-19911106Corporate Affairs
 182013Pardeep Kumar19-09-19911109CAB SEC.
 192013Ankit Jain08-03-19901111Posts
 202013Chandan Kumar – I10-04-19891120New & Renewable Energy
 212013Neerendra Singh Chauhan14-05-19901140CAB SEC.
 222013Nidhi Chauhan (Tanwar)13-05-19881149Expenditure
 232013Sunil Kumar – II13-11-19901151CAB SEC.
 242013Ravi Papnai15-09-19871156Home Affairs
 252013Dhiraj Kumar – II02-02-19891159Housing & Urban Affairs
 262013Mukund Kumar11-03-19871163Commerce
 272013Pradeep Kumar Maan10-03-19891172Food & Public Distribution
 282013Mridul Pant04-11-19881176Petroleum & Natural Gas
 292013Ashish Kumar – II10-10-19901177Information & Broadcasting
 302013Jyoti Gaur03-09-19901181New & Renewable Energy
 312013Narender Kumar – I11-01-19861203Culture
 322013Ravi Raj26-08-19891204Civil Aviation
 332013Priyanka Bansal (Garg)19-03-19911209Information & Broadcasting
 342013Sachin Kumar Singh26-04-19901212Petroleum & Natural Gas
 352013Ajay Kumar – II28-09-19901235Defence
 362013Ajay Kumar – V24-04-19901250Housing & Urban Affairs
 372013Vikrant Sevda26-10-19901258Commerce
 382013M Balakrishnam Raju01-03-19891268Defence
 392013Pradyumna Kumar Atri08-11-19861278Information & Broadcasting
 402013Sushant Manu Arya28-08-19881282Defence
 412013Vivek Sangwan10-07-19861290Earth Sciences
 422013Annu Legha18-11-19891292Defence
43 2013Tanjum Anand24-12-19891293Home Affairs
 442013Vaibhav Jain21-09-19871294Home Affairs
 452013Parveen Chillar01-04-19911299Commerce
 462013Pradeep Solanki15-04-19871303Defence
 472013Isha Singhal (Gael)20-12-19861305Culture
48 2013Niraj Kumar Khatri25-03-19881316Defence
 492013Praneeta Dhoundiyal02-02-19921319Petroleum & Natural Gas
 502013Rashmi Gogia14-03-19901324Information & Broadcasting
 512013Kamal Yadav17-06-19831338Nat. Crime Record Bureau
 522013Sarthak Bagadia24-06-19891344Commerce
 532013Manish Singh Panwar21-05-19911353Expenditure
 542013Patkar Sameer Narayan14-08-19871354Labour & Employment
 562013Kanika Makhija12-03-19921365Information & Broadcasting
 572013Saurabh Sharma05-06-19891378NITI Aayog
 582013Charu Wadhwa29-09-19901381Information & Broadcasting
 592013Vinod24-05-19871382Information & Broadcasting
 602013Basant Kumar Sahrawat10-07-19881383Youth Affairs & Sports
 612013Neha Garg21-08-19891393Defence
 622013Mayank Aggarwal22-10-19891395Information & Broadcasting
 632013Prabhat Singh08-02-19891402Civil Aviation
 642013Sonali Kalra03-04-19901403Civil Aviation
 652013Kritika (Raj) Dabas18-03-19881415Women & Child Development

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