Child Care Leave Application Format(Eng & Hindi)

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  1. Name of the Applicant : ___________
  2. Designation : ___________
  3. Dept/Office/Section : ___________
  4. Name of Child for whom Child
    Care leave is applied for : ____________
  5. Date of Birth of the Child : ____________
  6. Date on which child will be attaining
    18 years. : _____________
  7. Is the child among the two eldest
    Children : Yes/No
  8. EL in credit (as on date) : _____________
  9. Period of Leave- Days : From_________To_______
    Prefix/Suffix of holidays, if any : ___________
  10. Reason(s) for leave applied for : ___________
  11. Total Child Care Leave availed till date : ____________
  12. (a) Whether permission to leave : Yes/No
    station is required
    (b) If Yes, Address during : ____________
    leave period ____________
  1. Date of return from last leave, : ____________
    & nature and period of that leave ____________

Date : _

Signature of applicant
Remarks of Controlling Officer
Leave Recommended / Leave Not Recommended.
Date :___

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Child Care Leave Application Format Download PDF Hindi I English

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