Casual Leave (CL) – CCS Leave Rule 1972

As provided in the explanation below Rule 11 of the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972, Casual Leave (CL) is not a recognized form of leave and is not subject to any rules made by the Government of India. A Government servant on casual leave is not treated as absent from duty and his pay is not intermitted.

For administrative reason and in order to ensure, as far as possible, uniformity of treatment in this respect, the following instructions have been (almost universally) laid down by various organizations:-

1.            Casual Leave can be granted only when this can be done without inconvenience to public, or administration, and the work of the employee can be distributed and performed by the remaining staff or can be held up without inconvenience till his return to duty.

2.            Casual Leave is limited to maximum of 8 days in a calendar year. The number of days specified is maximum only and no one can claim the maximum number of days as a matter of right.

3.            Individuals appointed and joining duty during the middle of a calendar year may be allowed Casual Leave proportionately, or to the full extent (8 days) at the discretion of the Competent Authority.

4.            Casual Leave is intended essentially for short periods of absence due to unexpected contingencies. Such leave should ordinarily be granted for short periods of 1, 2 or 3 days but not exceeding 5 days at any one time. The head of the office may however waive this condition in any individual case if he considers that there are exceptional circumstances justifying a relaxation in this regard.

5.            At the year-end (31 Dec), un-utilized Casual Leave lapses and not carried forward.

6.            Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and weekly offs falling within the period of Casual Leave, or preceding or following it, should not be counted as part of the Casual Leave.

7.            Casual Leave can be combined with Special Casual Leave / Vacation but not with any other kind of leave (such as EL, HPL, EOL, etc.). It cannot be combined with joining time.

8.            Casual Leave can be taken while on tour, but no daily allowance will be admissible for the period of CL. LTC can be availed during Casual Leave.

9.            Casual Leave can be taken for half day also. Delay in attendance is also regularized by granting CL for half day.

10.        The authority competent to grant Casual Leave is the head of the office, and where the applicant is himself the head of the office, the authority immediately superior to him. The Head of the office under the control of a Gazetted officer may delegate the power to grant casual leave to any authority subordinate to the latter. The decision of this authority to grant or not to grant casual leave is final.


1.       Maximum CLs admissible for different Joining Months will be as follows :-  Jan – 7, Feb – 6.5, Mar – 6, Apr – 5, May – 4.5, Jun – 4, July – 3, Aug – 2.5, Sep – 2, Oct – 1.5,  Nov – 1, and Dec – Nil. However, in such cases the competent authority may grant more CLs but not exceeding 8 days.

2.       An employee availed CL from Wednesday to Friday. Monday was a Public Holiday. Now, the employee can not avail CL on Tuesday. However, he can avail CL for half day on Tuesday afternoon session.