10 Step Process to avail the facility of doorstep DLC through IPPB: Pensioners need not to step out for submission of Life Certificate

Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
Government of India

Department of Posts through India Post Payments Bank has launched doorstep service for all pensioners to submit Digital Life Certificate from comfort of their home.

Process to avail the facility of doorstep DLC through IPPB

Step – 1

Download Postinfo App from Google Play Store

Step – 2

Go to Service Request *Request can also be placed @ http://ccc.cept.gov.in/covid/request.aspx

Step – 3


  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Pin code
  4. Mobile number

Step – 4

  • Select IPPB Service Type

Jeevan Pramaan (Digital Life certificate) Generation.

Step – 5

After confirmation of OTP, the request for DLC will be forwarded to nearest post office based on the Pin code given by service.

Step – 6

Within 48 hrs, a Postman /Gramin Dak Sevak will be assigned to collect DLC from home after seeking convenient time of pensioner.

Step – 7

Keep Aadhaar number, PPO number, details of Pension Disbursing Agency handy when Postman/ Gramin Dak Sevak is visiting for DLC service .

Step – 8

It may be noted that charge will be paid to postman or Gramin Dak Sevak in cash only, if successful DLC is generated.

Step – 9

After successful generation of DLC, it will automatically be forwarded to Pension Disbursing Bank and pensioner will not be required to visit bank.

Step – 10

Pension Disbursing Bank will confirm the acceptance of DLC through SMS within T+2 days on the mobile number linked with pension account.

Key points to ensure that DLC is successfully accepted by Pension Disbursing Bank:

1. Pension account shall be linked with Aadhar number.

2. Check the accuracy of information submitted by Postman/Gramin Dak Sevak w.r.t. Bank Account number and PPO number while generating DLC.


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